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Committed to strengthening the connection between literature, art, and the quest for knowledge, along with leveraging the power of words to improve our community

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    Using Art to #Empower and #Educate

    We are focused and committed to using literacy to educate and empower our children. As a result, we offer the best selection of positive and representative books of our culture.

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    Strengthening A Father And Son Relationship

    Meet Shaun and Elijah Levine- a father and a son with a host of differing life paradigms, personality traits, and interests. They are trying to meet each other halfway by ignoring their differences while simultaneously embracing and celebrating what they do have in common- a love of art and a passion for creating something meaningful.

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    Books Are Your Best Friend: Here Is Why!

    We all need friends who will be there for us when we need them and understand us without judging. For all the right reasons, books may be our best friends. Good novels enhance our thinking and broaden our outlook on life. Furthermore, in the presence of books, one can never feel lonely. The irony is […]

    Reading As A Life Skill: Its Importance In Children And Adults

    The capacity to comprehend written text is referred to as reading ability. This skill should be developed at a young age in school or other learning environment. Students can do the following three reading-comprehension commands when they grasp or understand written content and connect their understanding with prior information. Recognize simple facts in written text. […]

    The Reading Foundation

    Reading to your children is the most essential thing you can do to help them succeed in life. Start early, be persistent, patient, and watch the magic happen through the art of story time. Young and Ready. An infant can look at pictures, point to objects on the page and listen to your voice while […]

    A Father’s Narrative

    It has long been recognized that having a father in the home is beneficial to the well-being of families, communities, and adolescents. Dads who are involved in their children’s life provide a constant source of stability and support. Such support has an impact on a variety of child development outcomes, including behavior, academics, and health. […]

    Raising Readers

    Raising Readers honors all fathers, stepfathers, uncles, and grandfathers who play an important role in their children’s literacy development. Reading is an important activity for children’s cognitive development and academic performance. Research shows reading with fathers and father figures has a significant impact on children’s language and literacy development. Positive involvement of fathers with their […]

    A great read that inspires hard work and encourages positivity and focus, it also demonstrates the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle (school, chores, hobbies, time with family). 5 stars!

    Shanice M.

    After School is not your typical children's book. There are no adventures or talking animals. However, there is a strong message on the importance of responsibility and priority. This would be a great read for any youth. I can't wait for part 2 to see what happens next with Eli and Mya.

    Michael S.

    Great job on the book. My kids and I love how you draw the reader in from the very beginning. We enjoyed the storyline and how you incorporated the word search and safety tips at the end. Keep up the good work, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

    Latoya S.

    The book is very inspiring and educational. It starts a very positive example for all. 5 stars.

    Angelina T.

    I love the main character's commitment to education and family. A great read for kids!

    Gloria M.

    After School is a very positive, encouraging, and loving book. It shows how important studying is to achieve greatness

    Dainuh L.