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In 2019, a father and son established a children’s book authorship and online store with the objective of inspiring people to follow their aspirations and remain steadfast in accomplishing their goals. Unique Readz, the brainchild of this pair, has created two captivating children’s books, personalized merchandise, & educational material rooted in their love for art. Additionally, their weekly newsletters ensure that you’re updated on all the newest developments and promotions from this family-run business.

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Explores the impact of positive relationships, determination, and shift in mindset young students in our After School series embrace to achieve their educational goal. Books starting at $13.99

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A great read that inspires hard work and encourages positivity and focus, it also demonstrates the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle (school, chores, hobbies, time with family). 5 stars!

Shanice M.

After School is not your typical children's book. There are no adventures or talking animals. However, there is a strong message on the importance of responsibility and priority. This would be a great read for any youth. I can't wait for part 2 to see what happens next with Eli and Mya.

Michael S.

Great job on the book. My kids and I love how you draw the reader in from the very beginning. We enjoyed the storyline and how you incorporated the word search and safety tips at the end. Keep up the good work, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

Latoya S.

The book is very inspiring and educational. It starts a very positive example for all. 5 stars.

Angelina T.

I love the main character's commitment to education and family. A great read for kids!

Gloria M.

After School is a very positive, encouraging, and loving book. It shows how important studying is to achieve greatness

Dainuh L.