Books Are Your Best Friend: Here Is Why!

We all need friends who will be there for us when we need them and understand us without judging. For all the right reasons, books may be our best friends. Good novels enhance our thinking and broaden our outlook on life. Furthermore, in the presence of books, one can never feel lonely. The irony is that most people dislike reading books. Roughly a quarter of American adults (23%) say they haven’t read a book in whole or in part in the past year, whether in print, electronic or audio form, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2021. Reading is so unpopular that individuals would prefer to struggle than reading, even though whatever they are looking for is undoubtedly in books. World leaders, the wealthiest people, and everyone who makes a difference on the planet are passionate readers.

Books are your best friend in that they encourage you to be the best version of yourselves. They help us become better, if not great, at any vocation we choose. Books do not want us to be unsuccessful. It’s foolish to rely on our shaky recollections, which lose their potency as we get older. We must reference books to improve or maintain our expertise in our numerous vocational domains.

Doctors consult medical literature and journals regularly, just as judges, legislators, teachers, architects, actuaries, and engineers. You must have passed through books to be qualified for any career. Unfortunately, most people’s constructive reading habits disappear when they graduate from high school or college, and the only reading habits they have now are Facebook updates and tweets.

Next, books offer mental stimulation. Reading books is the sole way to exercise and strengthen our brain muscles. Like an inflated ball or tires on a vehicle, our brains require reading to function effectively. Despite lacking the visual aspect of movies, books allow you to visualize whatever is written on your mind thus enhancing your creativity.

Finally, books help us develop our writing abilities. Exposure to the works of other writers can help us improve our capability to weave words together. Writing is one of the most endangered art forms, especially in this social media age, when individuals choose to express themselves through emoticons, memes, and short forms. More writers are needed today than ever to help sanitize a planet on the verge of oblivion.

Books are beneficial to us since they improve our lives.

They enrich our lives in the social, economic, political, and spiritual spheres in addition to occupational training. As a result, we should wholeheartedly embrace our friendship with books…